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Cielo is the number 37 club in the world according to DJ Mag and when it comes to the world of house music…no other magazine matters. It is hard to live up to such a stature and make the top 100 list every year since 2008. Gotta be doing something right…maybe booking the world’s best dj’s on Thursdays and the hottest crowds of people help somewhat. Maybe it is just the right atmosphere and right decor and lighting. It could be the sick Funktion One sound system and that it isn’t as large as most of the other clubs on the top 100 list.

You would think that it would be hard to get into a club that is so prominent and known, but you just gotta look the part and dance. Could you believe that they usually have an hour open vodka bar and it is free to get in before 12 most nights?

They had to have been doing something right…no wonder why they have had more international world famous dj’s than any other club in…North America. Luciano, David Guetta, and Sven Vath played here when they were puppies in training. All this has made them the best club according to IDMA, the party that Biohazard promotes with ¬†Dance Here Now was voted the best party in ClubWorld in 2009 and they even have been awarded by the Village Voice, New York Magazine, Urb Magazine, and Dancestar USA…

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